Scuba diving and Liveaboards are a natural fit.

Why waste time going back and forth between a dive site and the resort when you can stay out at the dive sites.

For the Scuba diver, a Liveaboard can take a diver to a location they would not be able to dive without.

In the Cairns area scuba divers would not be able to scuba dive the Ribbon Reefs if there were no Liveaboards.

The wonders of the Osprey Reef would be unknown.

For many years, scuba diving Liveaboards were looked at as a vacation only for the advance scuba diver.

Then most divers were male and diving was a macho activity.

Today it is seen as a safe, family friendly sport. Liveaboards are no longer strictly focused on the next dive.

Today the Liveaboard provides a balance between adventure and comfort.

Instead of the advance only guest, many are beginning divers, some are not even certified and others are on-board to become certified divers.
Learning to scuba dive on a Liveaboard has become very popular. MV Reef Encounter who trains to the standards and procedures of Scuba Schools International (SSI) provides a 3 day program that leads to an open water certification.
Their program is all done on the Liveaboard with a recommended but not required online training program that if completed before boarding will allow extra time to enjoy the vessel.
While Liveaboards now day do cater to a range of guest, not all of whom are divers, they still provide an atmosphere that the scuba diver will find absorbing.
At a resort after the days diving is done, divers float off to other activities.
On a Liveaboard, while other activities are available, you still are near those that you shared the day with.
The dive staff is almost always instructors and are quite willing to sit around and share some of their diving experiences.
For a new scuba diver this can be very valuable.  You can feel that the instructor invited you into his home, and he did.
Working and living on a dive Liveaboard is a different level of dedication than you often find at a land base dive resort.
To be effective and to stay on the boats requires a passion for diving.It is way beyond a job, being a dive professional on a Liveaboard means you are living diving all day every day.
You do not work an 8 hour day with two days off a week and evenings home.
On a Liveaboard the scuba dive professionals, the dive masters and the instructors are there when you take your sunrise dive.
scuba diving
night diving

They are there when you take that first ever night dive and see sharks all around you.

They are there in the saloon after the diving having a cold drink and discussing how the day was.
If you really want the heart and soul of scuba diving, then it can only be a Liveaboard.