Cairns liveaboard, Reef Encounter believes that everyone should be able to experience the wonder of the Great Barrier Reef first hand, and up close, even If you have  never scuba dived before.

Scuba Diving is great fun and opens up a whole underwater world that was previously inaccessible.

For a first-time diver, Resort Dive is a great way to ease you into the sport with no pressure, and a great deal of support. You will be under close supervision while you get to grips with the scuba diving equipment and safety procedures, and of course explore some of the Great Barrier Reef itself.

The Resort diving trips are not aiming for any qualification or certificate, they are simply designed to be good fun for beginners and holiday makers who want to try something new and see one of the 7 wonders of the world while they learn.

No pressure, no tests, no rush – just scuba dive at your own leisure, and take in the breath taking sights that lie beneath the waves.

Resort dives are all led by experienced instructors who are PADI or SSI qualified, it’s a safe, fun, and unique way to explore one of the most special parts of Australia, and indeed the world.

Climb aboard our liveaboard dive vessel, and take a sun-drenched sail from Cairns to the reef. As well as diving, snorkel to your heart’s content to make the most of your liveaboard trip to the reef.

Take several supervised resort scuba dives and descend down to 40ft to really get a feel for diving, and see the spectacular marine life and nature on display.  For your first resort dive to be at such a rare and coveted location, is a truly once in a lifetime chance.

A liveaboard trip is the best value for money, and gives you the chance to relax on deck, get a taste of life on the ocean, and do several dives and snorkeling trips.

Cruise across the Great Barrier Reef in comfort and style with Reef Encounter.

If you are interested in a resort dive at the best dive site on earth, get in touch with today