Reef Stay on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

reef stay

Best Great Barrier Reef liveaboard, Reef Encounter

The MV Reef Encounter has an outstanding program for those who want to enjoy a reef stay but has limited time or little flexibility when they can take their vacation.

The MV Reef Encounter has garnished an outstanding reputation as both a Liveaboard diving vessel and a floating boutique hotel.

The overnight reef stay program that provides a resort style program for both divers and non-divers and the vessels Top Deck Club are looked upon as industry innovations.

Along the same lines the MV Reef Encounter’s 3 day reef stay programs allows both divers and non-diver additional time to fully maximize their stay out on the outer reefs of the Great Barrier Reefs.

When Flexibility Is Needed

The problem with many Liveaboards and one of the reasons non-divers do not often stay on Liveaboards is that they lack flexibility.

Flexibility on when you arrive, how many days you stay and what you can do on-board.

The MV Reef Encounter has overcome those issues. Most dive boats have a set schedule, they leave the dock on a certain day, they sail a set course and return on a set day.

The MV Reef Encounter stays out on the outer reefs for an extended periods of time.

Instead of the boat coming into port every so many days, The guest on the MV Reef Encounter goes to the boat.

The concept is simple and the results allow guest to fully optimize their time without concerns of other guest arrivals and departures.

Guest staying on the MV Reef Encounter are transported to the outer reefs aboard the daily dive vessel the MV Reef Experience.

The MV Reef Experience takes divers and snorkelers to the outer reefs for a day of water activities and sightseeing.

When they arrive at the outer reef area they will rendezvous with the MV Reef Encounter and transfer guest and supplies.

To the guest already on-board it is not an inconvenience as the rendezvous will occur between the two morning water sessions.

When it is a departure day for a guest leaving the MV Reef Encounter, the MV Reef Experience will stop by in the late afternoon on their way back to port.

For those who wish they may also opt to have a transfer in either or both directions by helicopter.

This option allows the guest the exciting experience of seeing the reef from the air and uses the Helipad on-board the MV Reef Encounter.

The Extra Day

The first and last day of the three day experience follows the same schedule as the overnight reef sleep program.

In summary from the diving viewpoint, the first day has two afternoon dives and a night dive with an additional snorkeling session, while the last day has a sunrise dive followed by two morning dives and an afternoon snorkeling session.

The second day of the three day program allows the diver to select four scuba dives from the six daily water sessions.

There is the sunrise session, two morning sessions,  and two afternoon sessions that the scuba diver can choose to dive, skip the session for some other activity or snorkel.

The last session is a night dive and is only available to scuba divers.  Most diver’s save a dive for the night dive.


One of the other advantages of the three day program is that it allows for training programs.

If you are not a certified diver there is no better place to get certified then on the MV Reef Encounter.

The MV Reef Encounter is a Scuba Schools International certified facility.

SSI is one of the two largest certification agencies in the world.

Their certifications are accepted world-wide. The learn to dive three day programs will get you an open water certification.

For scuba divers already certified then an advance class may be in order.