2 Day liveaboard Great Barrier Reef

2 Day liveaboard Great Barrier Reef on MV Reef Encounter

2-day liveaboard Great Barrier Reef, onboard MV Reef Encounter Reef Sleep, offers outstanding reef packages.

Cairns is both an up-scale Snorkeling and scuba diving Liveaboard and a floating boutique hotel.

Our two day Reef stay provides the visitor with the opportunity to experience the reef as it is around the clock.

Night diving, star Gazing and watching the phosphorescent life of the sea is just a part of your 2-day liveaboard Great Barrier Reef experience on board the MV Reef Encounter.

reef stay
Great Barrier Reef stay

Liveaboard  Advantage

Our Reef liveaboard for two days and one night MV Reef Encounter stay is a perfect solution for those thinking of taking two days of diving on the Great Barrier Reef.

On most day boats, you will get two dives each day, and each day there will be a 90 minute trip to the reef and another 90 minutes back each day.

So in two days, you have 6 hours of transit time. You save two trips by staying overnight, so it’s only 2 hours of transit time.


So a typical day boat is to get up early, travel to the pier, check-in, wait for everyone else to check-in, travel to the dive site, and around 10 am, you are ready for your first dive or if you are snorkelers, your first snorkelling session.

Snorkellers can snorkel during all daylight hours except when we are moving the boat or having lunch.  There is a lookout to make sure everyone is safe during all water sessions.

After your dive, you will have a nice lunch. There is a second water session here, and then we will move the vessel to another reef location.

Scuba Divers staying overnight at the MV Reef Encounter have an entirely different experience.

Starting with a 7:30 am check inboard our sister boat Reef Experience.

First, enjoy our BBQ bacon and egg burger, and feel free to grab a complimentary tea or coffee before we depart to the reef.

After breakfast, there is an informative talk by the onboard Marine Biologist.

Upon arriving at the MV Reef Encounter,  our crew will be welcome you onboard.  Next, we will introduce you to our crew, including our chef and make sure we know everything we need to make your stay exceptional.

After the welcome, our crew will show you to your room. It is time to explore reef snorkelling.

During lunch, the vessel will likely move to another reef, and after lunch, there are two water sessions for your diving pleasure.

After your chef-prepared dinner, it’s time for the night dive.

Night Dive

A night dive shows you a different side of the reef. It is as busy if not busier than you will see during the day.

Marine life that hides during the day come out to feed.

The corals illuminated by your torch will show more brilliant colours than the filtered daylight will show you.

Make sure you look around at times because many larger species come out at night to feed.

In the morning, you should be up early, but instead of rushing to the pier to check in, you take a short walk to the dive deck and suit up for a sunrise dive.

Sunrise on the Great Barrier Reef brings magnificent views but above and below the waterline.

As the early morning sunbeams hit the water, the day marine life comes alive, and those active at night start to find places to sleep away during the day.

You will find the most significant number of species active in that time around sunrise.

After breakfast, there are two-morning scuba diving sessions, and after lunch, there is another water session that you can use for snorkelling.

At approximately 2:30 pm, you will be picked up for your transfer back to Cairns.

The Experience

While the MV Reef Encounter is an outstanding Liveaboard, it also has many features that make an overnight stay perfect for snorkelers.

The staterooms are all spacious and well-appointed, each with an ocean view.

From the spacious sundeck, you can work on that tan or read a book and take in the view of the Great Barrier Reef.

Next, cool off with a refreshing swim or snorkel among the reef’s coral gardens and much tropical fish.

If you are not a certified diver and have thought about giving it a try, well, there is another reason to stay overnight.

Introductory Scuba Dive

On our 2-day liveaboard Great Barrier Reef tour, there is an option to try scuba diving without any experience.

Guest who is not divers can enjoy a complimentary introductory dive demonstration.

A resort dive also is known as an introductory dive.  One of our professional dive instructors leads this and is a fantastic way to see the GBR.

There are a few theory and safety lessons, followed by some skill training, then off to a dive with your instructor by your side.

Afterwards, The hot tub that overlooks the bow is a beautiful place to relax as well.

If getting wet is not on your to-do list for the day,  a glass-bottom boat is available every day.

The MV Reef Encounter has a glass-bottom boat for those who wish to view the reef from above.

After dinner, enjoy the stars and watch the water for phytoplankton being disturbed by passing fish in the evening.

Phytoplankton is microscopic organism that will glow when something touches them.

A large fish moving through a patch of them will cast a ghostly glow.

For an overnight liveaboard getaway snorkelling or scuba diving, nothing beats the MV Reef Encounter.

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